Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Fishing Kayak Review

The Sea Ghost by Vibe Kayaks is one of the best fishing kayaks on the market. It’s loaded with all the right features, making it a versatile kayak that can handle mild and severe water conditions. But how well does it really track? Can it handle ocean angling as well as the manufacturers claim it can? Let’s find out.

Our Verdict: We would recommend the Sea Ghost kayak to the serious angler in search of a model that can handle a variety of water conditions including calm rivers, whitewater, and ocean angling. However, considering the longer length can make it difficult to navigate, this kayak isn’t exactly considered beginner-friendly.

Continue reading to learn how this kayak performed when put to the test, and learn more about its exciting angling-specific features.

Overview and Features

The Sea Ghost is thirteen feet in length, thirty-three inches wide, and just fifteen feet deep. It also weighs in at seventy-five pounds, which can make it difficult to haul to and from your vehicle, however, it’s definitely much lighter than a hard-shelled kayak.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Fishing Kayak

Product Rating: (5/5)

  • Thirteen feet long
  • Built-in rod holders
  • Plenty of storage
  • High weight capacity
  • Good price to value ratio
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good looking design

Weight Capacity

A kayak’s max weight can have an impact on how the kayak handles, not to mention how much gear you can bring along. It can also impact how easy a kayak is to paddle and how it can handle different water conditions such as whitewater or tight channels on a slow-moving river.

On average, you’ll find an angling kayak in this price range to have a max user weight of three hundred to three hundred and fifty pounds. Surprisingly, this model has a weight capacity of five hundred and fifty pounds. This is a sit on top, single kayak that’s built specifically with the angler in mind. This means it comes loaded with great extra features that you’ll find yourself relying on during your next fishing trip including rod holders and gear racks.


This thirteen-foot model is perfect for long journeys on flatwater, as the narrow hull allows it to easily slice through the water. However, the kayak’s longer length can make tracking difficult in choppy water conditions. In terms of maneuverability, the kayak is easier to handle in calm lakes, ponds, and river.

If you’re searching for a kayak that can handle narrower river channels a shorter kayak, such as the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak may be a better option.

However, in terms of stability, the Sea Ghost excels. It’s built ready to go and comes with a top of the line rudder system and paddle. Considering all the fishing features it’s equipped with, it may be a better option if you plan on using it solely for fishing, as opposed for recreational use.


This kayak offers plenty of storage space including a huge cargo well located at the back of the vessel, in addition to a bungee cord system that can easily accommodate a cooler or crate. You’ll also find a large twenty-inch bow hatch that can be used to handle extra fishing or camping gear.

In the center of the kayak is a large dry storage console that can be used to hold important personal items that cannot get wet, such as a wallet, iPad, fish finder, keys, phone, and more. Behind the seat, you’ll find another sealed storage compartment, which can hold extra fishing gear or a couple of dry bags.

Fishing-Specific Features

Since this is an angling kayak, it comes as no surprise that this kayak is loaded with a variety of features for the angler. In addition to a couple of flush-mounted rod holders located in the center of the kayak, you’ll also find a couple of paddle holders located on each side, as well as several mounting points that can be used to attach other gadgets, such as a fish finder or GPS.


The kayak can handle a variety of water conditions, meaning it will be right at home on a slow moving river, in the ocean, or a large pond. The kayak’s stability is what makes it one of Vibe Kayak’s top-selling models.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Thirteen feet long
  • Built-in rod holders
  • Plenty of storage
  • High weight capacity


  • Has trouble tracking in rough waters
  • Weighs seventy-five pounds

Related Questions

Does this Kayak Come with Scupper Holes?

Yes, it does. It features a total of ten scupper holes, which are designed to allow the water out when you’re paddling in choppy water. However, the scupper holes also allow water in, so you’ll need to prepare to get wet. Wearing a wet suit can be a great solution and one that will keep you comfortable and warm if you’re fishing in the ocean during the fall or winter months.

Is the Stock Seat Comfortable?

The seat is heavily padded and designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It’s also highly adjustable and offers plenty of back support. If you’re not happy with the seat or have a special Vibe Kayak seat in mind, the seat can easily be swapped out for a nice upgrade.

Does the Rudder System Really Help with Tracking

This is a thirteen-foot long kayak, which can make it difficult to maneuver around debris or rocks, however, the pre-installed rudder system does help. You can control the rudder with your foot, so you can easily use it while paddling. While it cannot help you to turn more quickly, the rudder will help to guide you in the right direction as you use the paddle to turn. To learn more, click here to read our article on kayak fishing tips.

Final Thoughts

Product Rating: (5/5)

The Sea Ghost is thirteen feet long and weighs seventy-five pounds, so it’s not the easiest kayak to haul, but you’ll find that it’s well-built and durable. For some, this kayak is a little on the pricey side, however, its innovative design, combined with the variety of storage options, rod mounts, and other angling-specific features, make this angling kayak worth every penny. We gave this model a rating of five out of five stars.